Arbeitslosenhilfe Oldenburg e.V. (GER)

Unemployment self-help Oldenburg e.V. (ALSO/Arbeitslosenhilfe Oldenburg e.V.)

Those who have to claim social benefits often feel helpless in the face of complicated laws, bureaucratic obstacles or even the threat of sanctions. Since 1982, the unemployment self-help organisation ALSO (Arbeitslosenselbsthilfe Oldenburg) has been offering free and independent help in dealing with a social system that all too often fights the poor instead of poverty. In addition to social counselling for the unemployed and people with low incomes, we have also been offering multilingual migration counselling in the Oldenburg district since 2020. We believe that poverty and unemployment should not be taboo topics that everyone has to deal with on their own. At ALSO, this belief is reflected in our counselling situations. If necessary, we accompany people to their meetings at state departments in order to assert justified claims. ALSO is also politically committed to improving the living conditions of poor and unemployed people. This includes not only informing people about their rights or demanding more money, but also fighting the stigmatisation of poverty. We also work against the exploitation of people, animals and the environment, as well as against racism and exclusion. We are networking with like-minded people to make demands and raise awareness of our concerns. ALSO is largely financed by donations. Except for a few employees, mainly volunteers are working at ALSO. We welcome other volunteers and also interns who would like to help with political actions or in the day-to-day consulting business. Contact and further information can be found on our homepage:

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