The complete program with the participating organizations and contributions at a glance. The recorded sessions are available on our Youtube channel.
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

Friday 23 Oct, 2020


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Hearing 1      Access to Health Care in Germany

Access to health care for refugee women Fatuma Musa Afrah/ United Action e.V. (GER)

Access to health care for people without health insurance
MediBüro Berlin/Medinetz Mainz (GER)

Access to mental health care for LGBTIQ+ refugees and migrants
LesMigraS (GER)/ Syrine Boukadida

Integration and regularisation – CoraSol (GER)


Hearing 2      Access to Health Care (Europe)

→ Watch documentation of Hearing 2 on YouTube here

Violations of migrants’ and refugees’ right to health during the COVID-19 pandemic
Institute of Race Relations (UK)

Migrant and refugee health matters!
Violations of the right to health and the access to health care for (undocumented) migrant and refugee peoples in the Netherlands
Transnational Migrant Platform – Europe (NL)

Migrant and Refugee Women – Claim our Right to Health
MELISSA –  Network of Migrant Women in Greece (GR)


Hearing 3        EU Border Politics

→ Watch documentation of Hearing 3 on YouTube here

Border protection and the impact on child rights – Philip Ishola, Love146 (UK)

Cooperation with EU neighbouring countries despite human rights violations?
Muhammad al-Kashef/ Alarmphone (GER)


Saturday 24 Oct, 2020

Hearing 4      Situation on the Greek-Islands

→ Watch documentation of Hearing 4 on YouTube here

Introduction: Ramona Lenz, medico international (GER)

Medical expert assessment on living conditions and health care in Moria Camp
medico international (GER)

2 Testimonies Stand by me Lesvos (GR)

Pikpa Camp and Legal Centre Lesvos (GR)


Hearing 5      Criminalisation of Solidarity

→ Watch documentation of Hearing 5 on YouTube here

Criminalisation of Solidarityborderline-europe (GER)


Hearing 6      Racism and Criminalisation of refugee and migrant People

Consequences of racism on (mental) health – Black Visions and Voices (GER)

Experiencing police violence 2 Testimonies (GER)

Deportation of a survivor of a racially-motivated hate crime Flüchtlingsrat Berlin (GER)

Sans Papiers (FR)

“Oury Jalloh, that was murder!” Initiative Oury Jalloh Berlin/Mannheim (GER)


Hearing 7      Living under Stress – Encampment and Risk of Deportation in      Germany

→ Watch documentation of Hearing 7 on YouTube here

Complicity and silence – Testimony of a witness from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (GER)

Refugee struggle in Bavaria Flüchtlingsrat Bayern (GER)

Age assessment of minors Testimony (GER)

Insights from monitoring of deportation at airportsEllena Vorländer & Dalia Höhne, Forced Return Monitoring at airports in North-Rhine Westphalia (GER)


Hearing 8      Migrant Workers Rights

→ Watch documentation of Hearing 8 on YouTube here

Impact of the COVID-19 crisis on workers, those with problematic immigration status and on migrant communities
Angie Garcia, Waling Waling / PPT London Steering Group (UK)

Testimony on the situation of domestic workers in Madrid
SEDOAC-Servicio Doméstico Activo (ESP)

LAB Trade Union (ESP)

Impact of the COVID-19 crisis on migrant workers in Germany
ALSO Oldenburg & Giuila Tattarini (GER)


Sunday 25 Oct, 2020

→ Watch documentation of Closing Session on YouTube here

Comment on the EU Pact on Migration and Asylum Wiebke Judith (ProAsyl)

Jury: Comments on the context of the hearing

Open Space for Questions to the Jurors