PRO ASYL advocates for the rights of refugees in Germany and in Europe. We help them to apply for asylum. We investigate human rights violations. And we campaign for an open society in which refugees receive protection.

Persecution by terror regimes, wars and civil wars, the dangerous situation in states like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan or Libya – there are many reasons for fleeing. Worldwide about 60 million people are seeking protection. Most of them stay in their own region. Only a small percentage set out on the long and dangerous journey to other countries.

When they do, they meet with many obstacles. Refugees are criminalised and described as a threat to the prosperity and stability of society. Racist attitudes are on the rise. If refugees to make it to Europe they often run the risk of detention, or of homelessness and destitution. In Germany, refugees suffer from exclusion, a lack of decent living conditions and disrespect for their rights. The number of racially motivated attacks has been growing for years.

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