Flüchtlingsrat Bayern (GER)

The Bavarian Refugee Council is an organization of refugee solidarity. As a human rights organization we stand up for the rights of refugees and migrants. We are firmly convinced that the validity of human rights must take precedence over a policy of refugee defense. We fight for a real right to stay for all refugees and migrants.

Flight and migration take place, despite and against all attempts by the state to regulate and prevent them. But nobody flees voluntarily. People leave their countries of origin in certain life situations in which they are acutely threatened and depend on protection and support.

However, since this protection often lags behind the defense against refugees, committed individuals, initiatives and organizations of refugee solidarity in Bavaria founded the Bavarian Refugee Council in 1986 as a non-partisan and supra-regional umbrella organization.

We strictly reject deportations. The return of fugitives may only take place freely and self-determined. We reject the exclusion and isolation of fugitives by placing them in camps and demand equal rights for all.

We offer advice, information and, if necessary, legal assistance to escaped, committed groups and individuals. Through public relations work, we contribute to increasing social acceptance of refugees and migrants. Whenever individual action reaches its limits, we denounce inhumane living situations in many ways in order to achieve structural improvements for all refugees.

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