MELISSA – Network of Migrant Women in Greece (GR)

MELISSA is a network of migrant and refugee women living in Greece. We aim to promote empowerment and active citizenship, and to build a bridge of communication with the host society. Founded in 2014 with the direct involvement of migrant and refugee women leaders, we have members from more than 50 countries.

MELISSA is inspired by the Greek word for honey and we see ourselves as a beehive. We operate on the basis of a common platform, a hub where networks and individuals can meet, share their concerns and ideas, and support each other in the pursuit of common goals and their human rights.

The three main strands of action are networking, capacity-building and advocacy. We aim to bring migrant and refugee women together and to make their voices heard in the society.

All our activities are planned in order to open channels of communication and to promote connectivity and integration. Our empowerment will not only enhance our own circumstances and improve the conditions of our children and our wider ethnic communities, but will contribute to the overall social cohesion.

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