Transnational Migrant Platform – Europe

The Transnational Migrant Platform – Europe (TMP-E) – based in Amsterdam, NL – responds to the various international, European and national developments that are impacting heavily on the daily lives of the peoples in the South and on migrant and refugee communities in Europe.

Despite the fact that we as migrants and refugees, make an enormous contribution with our work and remittances to the economy and development of our home countries and also to the European economy and society, our working and living conditions have become dramatically worse.

We are confronted with criminalization, racism, discrimination and islamophobia on a daily basis. Especially the undocumented among us are very heavily affected by the daily reality of exclusion, mass raids and deportations.

We have been mobilizing and organizing our communities and intervening actively to reclaim the agenda of migration and development in a context of intensifying impoverishment, particularly in the global South.

These responses are taking place within ongoing political conflicts compounded by a protracted global economic crisis and a series of wars that have resulted in thousands of people making treacherous voyages across the Mediterranean and traversing across the Balkans to reach Europe.

In this situation, the undemocratic suspension of UN Conventions by EU member states has resulted in mounting human rights violations, detentions and deportations.

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