Distanced but United – Flight and Covid19

With the support of Handicap International, within a participatory production process, was created this film by and about refugees with restrictions, in which they talked about how Covid_19 has influenced their lifes.
The project is part of the “ReflACTION“-Initiative.

“Crossroads | Escape. Migration. Disability. is a model project of Handicap International. The project is divided into the working areas of “capacity building”, “empowerment” and “advocacy”.

Crossroads trains refugee and disability assistance professionals and promotes their networking (capacity building) so that they can provide targeted support to refugees with disabilities in their access to social participation and disability assistance services. In the field of empowerment, Crossroads empowers refugees with disabilities to take responsibility for their own interests and to act in a self-determined manner. As a lobby group, Crossroads advocates for the interests of refugees with disabilities on a political level.

Crossroads aims to ensure that the specific needs of refugees with disabilities are systematically taken into account – during initial reception, during the asylum procedure and during integration.

Further information on the work of Handicap International and the project: https://www.hi-deutschland-projekte.de/crossroads/


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