Report on EU Libya Collaboration launched by borderline-europe, Alarmphone, Sea-Watch and Mediterranea

EU Libya collaboration – pull-backs by remote control

“Together with AlarmPhone, Sea-Watch and Mediterranea, we (borderline-europe) launched the report “Remote control: the EU-Libya collaboration in mass interceptions of migrants in the Central Mediterranean” denouncing the support brought to the so-called Libyan Coast Guard by EU member states to control migration in and around the Central Mediterranean. The EU’s increasing outsourcing of responsibility for rescue has led to mass pull-backs of migrants to Libya by ‘remote control’ from EU aerial assets.

Alarm Phone, borderline-europe, Mediterranea and Sea-Watch have directly witnessed and documented illegal push- and pull-backs to Libya coordinated by European authorities, such as Frontex and EUNAVFOR Med, and implemented by the so-called Libyan Coast Guard, an EU-funded and trained group of militias with a track record of blatant human rights violations and collaboration with people smugglers.”

Report available here:



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